Sunday, May 20, 2012

Outlaw Field: Welcome Party

You indicate your readiness, and your escort pushes open the door. On the other side of the door is a large open room. The floor and walls are made of cement blocks, although there is enough dirt on the floor that if it wasn't brushed away in some placed you wouldn't know. The ceiling is made of solid stone, which has been chipped away at some points to allow for man-sized creatures to walk upright. The same glowing ore laced through stone lights this room as well. 

To your left and right, the walls are lined with crates stacked nearly to the ceiling. An open door across the room leads to a more dimly lit area, and all you can make out from where you're standing are a few cots. To your right are two other doors, each made of wood and closed. To your left is a large vault door, one that you might expect to see in a bank, with a large lock mechanism.

There are three tables in this room. One is empty, a young couple sits at another, and two men who appear to be guards are seated at the third. The young couple is eating a meal, while the two guards are playing something similar to chess. Each guard is wearing huntsman armor, but neither appears to be carrying anything more than a pistol.

A hush suddenly falls over the room when you enter. The guards' hands fall below the table, and you presume that they have at least rested them on their sidearms. The young couple, each perhaps in their teens, are on the edge of their seats as if to sprint for cover at any second. 

"Relax!" your guide calls out. "I bring friends! Where is Dukav?"

One of the guards replies, "Friends? Who are they? And where's the rat? Weren't you supposed to find the rat?" He points at the teenage boy at the other table. "Get Dukav."

The boy walks toward one of the doors on the right side of the room, but before he even gets there, the door swings open and a man walks through. He's wearing a blue hooded robe that conceals his entire body. As he enters, he shakes his head in such a way that the hood falls back to reveal his face.

"I knew you were here," he says in a monotone voice. "Have you come seeking enlightenment? Or just safety from the dangers of a corrupt world?"

Friday, April 6, 2012

Outlaw Field: Underground

The man visibly relaxes when you agree to follow him. He even slings his rifle over his shoulder and begins talking candidly. "The test? I can't tell you about it yet, but I passed it. Dukav will tell you more about it. He's our leader now. We're safe down here as long as we're with him."

The narrow path through the cavern slopes down and turns to the right. As you begin turning, you see that the light here is not from a generator as it was above. Rather, the stone itself is glowing with a faint yellow light... not all of the stone, perhaps a specific vein of some otherworldly ore that somehow ended up on Earth. You continue walking, and wonder if you've walked far enough in a downward spiral that you're actually under the entry chamber with the pile of dead bodies. Occasionally, there is a branch in the path and another passage leads off to the side, but these are not lit as brightly as the main passage and the man never strays.

Finally, you come to an old wooden door that is just slightly cracked open. You hear faint laughter on the other side. "This is it!" the man says. "Everyone else is in here." He is grinning widely, like a kid about to introduce his parents to his best friends at school. "Ready?" He begins reaching for the door without waiting for a response.

"Just a moment," Myra says, interrupting him before he grasps the handle. "I would very much like to speak to my friends for a moment first." She smiles at him as she asks, "That okay with you?"

"Oh, sure! Didn't mean to rush you," he smiles back at her, but you can see a bit of disappointment on his face as he responds.

Stepping back away from the door and your guide, Myra whispers, "Something is not right here. I can feel the evil, and it is strong. I'm pretty sure this guy is okay, but... I don't know... this is different. I've never felt it in this way before. It isn't like any deevil or entity I've ever sensed. It's just... different somehow. I don't know how else to explain it."

OOC: Frederick senses only pride and happiness in the man escorting the group through the cave, and his sixth sense isn't triggering.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Outlaw Field: Underground, Entry Room

The footsteps get closer and closer. Finally, you hear them just on the other side of the door. Everything on this side is completely silent, as everyone is tense with anticipation.

The door handle moves a bit, as someone on the other side touches it. You hear a faint beep, probably a key card of some sort being swiped, and then a loud click as the door is unlocked.

Moments pass and the door remains closed. Then you hear footsteps again, slower and more deliberate this time, growing fainter as someone on the other side moves away from the now unlocked door.